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Rounagle • 1986 • 36yo • 51.3%

The Armagnac is accompanied by a corresponding trading card!

About this release

How mad can a marketing idea get? Our answer: Absolutely!

Upon our arrival at Domaine Rounagle, we stumbled right into a thrilling P-Trading Card game with none other than Hilaire, the 5-year-old son of Hugues Amesland, the owner. As children of the 1980s and 1990s, we were instantly hooked and that very moment sparked the idea for our next label, which we dedicate to Hilaire:
Be there when we unleash this crazy and extravagant-tasting Armagnac on the world: Rounagle 1986!

But here’s the catch – only 291 of these bold, elusive creatures have been spotted in the wild. They’re rare, they’re coveted, and they’re waiting to be discovered.

The grand Rounagle hunt commences on 04.01.2024. For an entry fee of 170€ you can embark on this fierce journey of taste.
…wait for it…
You GotA catch em’ all! (*cough)

Tasting Notes

A 36 year old, wild creature from Ténarèze, developed from Ugni-Blanc, which immediately captivates and hypnotizes you with its flavour attacks of nuts, dark chocolate, fine spices, precious woods and a slight hint of smokiness!


Spirit categoryArmagnac
OriginArmagnac Ténarèze
Grape varietyUgni Blanc
ABV51,3 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
DistillateurPatrick Michalouski
Aged for36 years
Cellar climateDry & Wet
Cask number#78
Bottled inNovember 2023
Number of bottles289

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