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Our Trusted Partners

We invite you to explore our esteemed partner shops, where you can find and purchase our exclusive Grape of the Art Armagnac and Cognac releases. We have carefully selected these distinguished retail partners based on their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and passion for fine spirits, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience when acquiring our exquisite brandies.

Each partner shop offers a unique opportunity to explore our premium Armagnac and Cognac selections in different settings, ranging from specialized boutiques to high-end liquor stores. They share our dedication to preserving the heritage of these remarkable spirits while embracing innovation and artistic expression in every bottle.

Browse through our list of trusted partner shops below and embark on a captivating journey into the world of Grape of the Art’s unparalleled Armagnac and Cognac creations.

Germany |

TARA Spirits |

The Bottle Shop |

Whisky-Leaks-Ulm |

Whisky-Maniac |

Whiskytempel |


Malternative Belgium |


Cognac Expert |

Cave Saint Seurin (Bordeaux) | only in store

VERSUS Vins & Spiritueux (near Strasbourg) | only in store


Whisky Watcher |


Dal Moro Shop |

Macao, China and Hong Kong

The Antelope |


Mufson, Faron & Brand |