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Our Fine Collection

Welcome to the exclusive gallery of Grape of the Art’s (GotA) previous releases, where we showcase our handpicked selection of high-end Armagnac and Cognac bottles. As connoisseurs of fine brandies, we take immense pride in our ability to discover exceptional barrels from the Armagnac region, transforming them into unique, artistic expressions for the enjoyment of brandy enthusiasts worldwide.

Every release in our curated collection represents a remarkable fusion of tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation, ensuring a truly unparalleled tasting experience. Immerse yourself in the rich history and intricate flavors of the finest Armagnacs and Cognacs, brought to you by a team of passionate experts from Stuttgart.

Explore our past releases below and let your senses be captivated by the extraordinary world of Grape of the Art’s luxury Armagnac and Cognac offerings:

Embark on a legendary quest with Le Frêche: The inaugural release from Grape of the Art, capturing the spirit of the elusive treasure hunt for this renowned, closed Domaine.
Le Frêche 2007
Blast off with Starship Hors d’Age: A celestial release from Grape of the Art, where cosmic Cognac ignites the senses like rocket fuel, transporting you to uncharted realms of taste on your very own Starship Enterprise. Embrace the final frontier in flavor.
Jean-Luc Pasquet 68-72
Unveiling the Fresh Prince of De Bel-Air 1993: A vibrant street art-inspired creation by Grape of the Art, where exquisite Armagnac meets bold, urban flair. Indulge in a taste of royalty with a modern twist.
De Belair 1993
A springtime floral meadow highlighting the fruitiness and honey sweetness of our Danis 1988.
Danis 1988
Hontambère 1989
Discover the artful unity of Séailles 2000 (this one) and Séailles 1988: A captivating Grape of the Art release, where two remarkable Armagnacs converge to reveal the iconic barrel cellar of Séailles. Indulge in a symphony of taste and visual harmony.
Séailles 2000
Venture into the mystic jungle with Cutxan: A captivating Aztec-inspired masterpiece by Grape of the Art, where exceptional Armagnac converges with ancient allure.
Cutxan 2006
Join the epic space battle with JLP-79: A stellar release from Grape of the Art, where our fearless Cognac-fueled spaceship confronts the formidable Borg Cube.
Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 79
Solve the word riddle crafted by a villain in GotA City to uncover one of 228 hidden, organic Séailles Armagnac bottles with tantalizing flavors
Séailles 2004
Lheraud 1967
Unveil the RumX Collaboration: A pioneering alliance between Grape of the Art and RumX, proudly presenting our debut rum release.
St. Lucia 2005
Step into the groove with Seailles ’88: A dazzling disco-infused edition by Grape of the Art, where sublime Armagnac transports you to the electrifying 1980s. Ignite your senses and dance the night away with this spirited vintage.
Séailles 1988
An abstract depiction of the workplace of an ancient alchemist, with skull, beakers, and spiders.
Hontambère 1985
Our exclusive festival bottling for the 1st German Armagnac Festival in Stuttgart. An Armagnac of the sought-after producer Lous Pibous, distilled in 1995 and aged 27 years.
Lous Pibous 1995
Fontan 1996