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Lous Pibous • 1995 • 27 yo • 54.7%

Our exclusive festival bottling for the 1st German Armagnac Festival in Stuttgart. An Armagnac of the sought-after producer Lous Pibous, distilled in 1995 and aged 27 years.

About this release

We love the smell of Armagnac in the morning… It smells like… pure delight.

The air shimmers and vibrates, a sultry heat heralds a storm that will pass over Stuttgart on June 24, 2023: The first German Armagnac Festival is approaching!

This is the end… of your search for the perfect Armagnac experience.

For this special occasion, we have joined forces with our friends at L’Encantada to bottle for you nothing less than a SENSATION: One of the last remaining barrels of the legendary lost domaine LOUS PIBOUS!

An Armagnac distilled in 1995 and matured in a dry cellar for 28 years.

The Age of Armagnac is now! Embrace the heat, the feverishness, and the storm of flavours that await you. Join the celebration at the festival on 24.06.2023 in Stuttgart. Taste this rare treasure there with us and grab your bottle at the place for 210€ for 0.7l.

Tasting notes

Are you prepared to be swept away by the feverish glow of tropical fruits, mangoes, papayas, glue, and demerara molasses? Along with juicy raisins, macadamia nuts, and dark cherries!

On the palate, the tropical fruit sweetness explodes at 54.7% cask strength and mingles with candied orange peel, raisin chocolate, and fine woods to create a powerful tropical cocktail that lingers forever.


We pay special attention and care to transparency in our cask selection. Therefore, we share all the data we could gather from the producer:

Spirit categoryArmagnac
ProducerLous Pibous (Undisclosed producer)
OriginBas Armagnac
Grape varietyFolle Blanche
ABV54,7 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
Aged for27 years
Cellar climateTemperate
Cask number#150
Bottled inMay 2023
Number of bottles352

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