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Lheraud • 1967 • 56 yo • 46.0%

The first single cask of Lheraud released by an independent bottler. We are so proud!

About this release

What does complexity mean for a spirit? At Grape of the Art, we compare this concept to a journey into the world of flavours and smells, which changes and evolves with every sniff and sip, when the smell alone evokes a surreal dream and the finish is telling you a very personal story…

We are incredibly proud and grateful to be the first independent bottler to redefine the term complexity with the renowned house of Cognac Lhéraud in the form of a 56-year-old Bon Bois Single Cask Cognac from 1967!

Are you indulged to experience this fascinating dream of a cognac with us and philosophise about complexity, dare to surrender to the temptation on 28.09.2023, 20:00 CET. 

This cognac is limited to 132 bottles and has an RRP of 599€ for 0.7l.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, a deep potpourri of overripe fruits such as plums, cherries and juicy apricots awaits you, which then develops into fine woods and lovely late summer flowers. The whole composition is carried by a leatheriness and earthiness, giving the bouquet a pleasant heaviness. 

On the palate, you will be surprised by an astonishing freshness for this old age paired with a juicy, mouthwatering fruit sweetness! Dark wood and chocolate tones give the oily 46.0% ABV cask strength an infinite depth and balance, leading into a never-ending minty finish.


We pay special attention and care to transparency in our cask selection. Therefore, we share all the data we could gather from the producer:

Spirit categoryCognac
ProducerLheraud Cognac
OriginBons Bois
Grape varietyUgni Blanc
ABV46,0 %
Still typeAlambic Charentais
DistillateurGuy Lheraud
Aged for56 years
Cellar climateWet
Cask number15788
Bottled inJuly 2023
Number of bottles132

Blog reviews

Der Lhéraud ist ein grandioser Cognac, der natürlich seinen Preis hat. Aber für mich persönlich ist es der beste Cognac, den ich jemals im Glas hatte. (94/100)

Zucker & Zeste

Incroyable…. un cognac hallucinant d’équilibre et offrant un superbe voyage dans le temps. Vraiment une merveille.

Le Blog A Roger

Eine wirklich gewachsene Struktur mit viel Körper und Charakter, in der man das Alter spürt und schmeckt.

This Lhéraud has a generous dose of syrupy sweetness and wood spice, rather than some of the lighter, more volatile fruity notes.

A tad less ‘hi-def’ than the 1968, but frankly, it is just another amazing cognac from the best years of rock and roll – and experimental jazz.