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Hontambère • 1989 • 33yo • 55.9%

About this release

Armagnac-Family, our alchemist is back! 

And he’s brought reinforcements! We are incredibly proud to have teamed up for a Co-Bottling with the wacky, ultra-modern spirits lab called Swell de Spirits from Bordeaux, who have already gained a terrific reputation in the spirits world with their mind-blowing releases! 

Together we descended deep into the archives of Hontambère and located a spectacular 33 year old cask from the lost Domaine de Pouchégu from 1989 that will shoot you into delirium! See the lost formula:
55.9% cask strength – Ugni Blanc grapes – wet cellar ageing – Tenareze origin. 

On 31.08.23, 20:00 CET you can snag your trip for 170€ (0,7l) at our trusted online dealers. Strictly limited to 250 bottles for Grape of the Art. 

P.S. For the risks and side effects read the using information or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Tasting Notes

At first sniff, your receptors will be battered by molecules of dark cherries, Sicilian oranges, tropical mangoes, toxic glues and precious woods! While you’re already hazy, a complex smoke together with lovely flowers will finally transport your mind to aroma nirvana. 

Quickly take a sip! The explosion from the nose is now followed in the mouth with a deep sweetness and a ton of a body, pushing down the tongue and making room for dark chocolate, cream cherries and charred wine gum!


Spirit categoryArmagnac
ProducerHontambère (Pouchégu Stock)
OriginArmagnac Ténarèze
Grape varietyUgni Blanc
ABV55,9 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
DistillateurPierre Laporte
Aged for33 years
Cellar climateWet
Cask number#A5
Bottled inJuly 2023
Number of bottles250

Blog reviews

Eine schöne Welle, die der Hontambère bietet: Fruchtig in der Nase, etwas mehr Holz und eine dezente Rauchigkeit am Gaumen und wieder fruchtig am Ende. Dazu eine feine Süße. (90/100)

Zucker & Zeste

Wieder einmal ein faszinierendes Erlebnis, das die Vielseitigkeit von Armagnac zeigt!

C’est biensur une question de profil, mais personnellement j’ai largement préféré le 1985 qui est juste incroyable. (86/100)

Le Blog A Roger