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Fontan • 1996 • 26yo • 55.1%

Artwork of our Fontan 1996
GotA Noir debuts Maison Fontan 1996: Cinematic spirits, limited release.

About this release

GotA Noir Cinema proudly presents Maison Fontan 1996, a tribute to the illustrious era of French cinema!

In the heart of Paris, a master thief has carried out a spectacular heist, making off with a precious 26-year-old 100% Ugni-Blanc Bas-Armagnac treasure cask, a prized jewel from the dry cellars of the Louvre. This enigmatic thief has hidden within the winding streets of Montmartre, shrouded in secrecy and allure.

Only 462 tickets are available at €110 each. Join us at the Premiere on 09.11.2023, 20:00 CET, as we unravel the thrilling saga of “Fontan 1996”.

Tasting Notes

The lone breadcrumb left to guide seekers is an intoxicating scent trail of candied oranges, delicate flowers, the tantalizing aroma of coconuts, a faint hint of glue, and the irresistible fragrance of wine gum.

Once found, savor the strong flavors of candied oranges, the sweet opulence of overripe Gascogne fruits, the delicate touch of raspberries and a lingering dry finish, all carried by a heavy, powerful body with 55,1% abv!


Spirit categoryArmagnac
OriginBas Armagnac
Grape varietyUgni Blanc
ABV55,1 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
Aged for26 years
Cellar climateDry
Cask numberB116
Bottled inOctober 2023
Number of bottles462

Blog reviews

Très belle sélection dans un domaine qui donne vraiment envie de découvrir, bravo et merci pour toutes ces découvertes ! (92/100)

Le blog A Roger

Für den Preis wahrscheinlich die Abfüllung mit dem besten Preis-Genuss-Verhältnis von Grape of the Art in diesem Jahr. (91/100)

Zucker & Zeste

Das ist ein richtig edles Getränk, in dem alles wunderbar harmoniert, aber nicht bequem oder langweilig wird.

A really nice nose though, and an impressive weight overall. (87/100)