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Castarède • 1986 • 36yo • 53.4%

About this release

Tradition, nobility and history. There are few Armagnac houses in Cascogne that could be described so strongly in these terms. That’s why we are incredibly proud to announce our next release with the oldest Armagnac negocian family in France: Armagnac Castarede 1986!

Located in the Château de Maniban in Mauléon-d’Armagnac, the estate was the first Armagnac negocian to be registered in Armagnac in 1832, emerging from the trading house of Jules Nismes Delclou & Cie. After their elevation to the nobility by King Louis XVII in 1818, the family gave the estate its own name and coat of arms. Today, the friendly Florence Castarède runs the estate from Paris and Maniban Castle as a negiociant and small producer and has a highly unusual stock of old vintages dating back to the 1890s.

Normally all Castarède Armagnacs are bottled at 40%, but we had the rare chance to pick and bottle an exciting cask in cask strength.

Tasting Notes

The bouquet is incredibly elegant and fruity, with overripe raspberries, blackberries and tropical fruits such as mangoes and passion fruit, which are given a warm touch by a hint of flowers. The approaching spring and the first thaw send their regards!

The palate is caressed by a creaminess, oily texture and sweetness that you would only expect from a vanilla ice cream with raspberry sorbet. Totally balanced and elegant, this Armagnac is proof that the Ténarèze region offers not only robustness and edge but also incredible elegance and finesse!


Spirit categoryArmagnac
Grape varietyUgni Blanc & Colombard
ABV53,4 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
Aged for36 years
Cellar climateWet
Cask number#BIO
Bottled inFebruary 2024
Number of bottles246

Blog reviews

Ein alles in allem hervorragender Armagnac, der ausgeprochen komplex und super balanciert ist und totzdem nicht überfordert. Wieder eine hervorragende Fassauswahl. (92/100)

Zucker & Zeste

Grande réussite que cette première sélection Castarède par les gars de Grape of The Art… bravo, on allie gourmandise, fruité, boisé élégant et équilibre en un seul flacon ! (91/100)

Le Blog A Roger

The best Armagnac Release from Grape of the Art so far! (95/100)


Nice Tenareze, well-balanced and with a relevant amount of oak influence. I miss a bit of funkiness and depth to go further than 88. (87/100)

Hors D’Age

The wood sets in, adding a bitter side and losing a point along the way. Overall a very good mix though. (89/100)

very big boy, extremely good, but be careful with water, or just do not add any. (88/100)