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Domaine Le Frêche • 2007 • 13 yo • 57.0%

Le Frêche 2007

About this release

During our cellar explorations at L’Encantada Armagnac we were able to taste dozens of barrels and absolutely fell in love with this 2007 vintage for its power, richness and pure Frêche-DNA with being perfectly balanced and complex at the same time!

Since we love transparency, we dig up the maximum information we can find and share them with you on our backlabel.

Bottled in cask strength our first release comes with a strictly limited quantity of 150 bottles.

Tasting notes

On the nose you are welcomed by wavering clouds of Demerara glues and beguiling scents of dried fruits like plums and raspberries. The delicate bouquet is balanced by a composition of earthy hazelnuts and dark chocolate.

The first sip surprises with an incredible richness and bursts into an initial start of chocolate raisins, tropical fruits and the glue sweetness suggested by the bouquet. Finally, the oily texture and heavy body lead the palate into an everlasting, satisfying finish of cocoa and dried mangos.

Blog reviews

That was a nice progression and a very good debut. I especially digged the excellent nose. (87/100)

Single Cask Rum

Hier passt alles toll zusammen und sorgt dafür, dass man an einem Glas den halben Abend verbringen kann, ohne dass es je langweilig wird. Es ist umso angenehmer, dass man im Armagnac noch solche Dinge erleben kann, ohne die Monatsmiete der Wohnung auf den Tisch legen zu müssen!


Für Freunde von komplexen Spirituosen, die auch noch ein Faible für Demarara Rum haben aber eine perfekte Wahl. Schade das es nur so wenige Flaschen gegeben hat. Chapeau an das GOTA-Team! (93/100)

Zucker & Zeste

En attendant voici un premier embouteillage très convaincant même si j’avais peu de doutes, les passionnés de l’Encantada savent ce qu’ils font en matière d’Armagnac 😉 Bref, une autre marque à suivre pour goûter de jolies choses.

Les Amis des Amis du Rhum

A worthy first pick! (90/100)


This one refers me to some heavy agricole oldies such as Ballys for example. Some flaws are lowering score but it remains a pleasant Armagnac. (85/100)

Tasting Bros

Nice young armagnac. Aside from a lack of precision, it gives you a generous tasting, full of roasted and fruity notes. (84+/100)

Hors d’Age

If the guys at GotA set this as a standard, we’ll have to keep an eye on them. Kudos! (87/100)


A nice armagnac, showing some uncommon floral touches as well as a firm woody / charred note. (86/100)