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Hontambère • 1985 • 36yo • 56.6%

An abstract depiction of the workplace of an ancient alchemist, with skull, beakers, and spiders.

About this release

Are you curious which cask thrilled us the most in 2022?
We believe our upcoming release will take the hearts of aged bourbon and tropically aged demerara lovers by storm!
Let’s descend the alchemist’s cellar and decode the secret recipe and saga of our 36 year old Hontambère 1985:

Once upon a time in the age of Hontambère,
some mysterious smells were lingering in the air.
Back then the story of an alchemist was told,
who lived in an abandoned cellar, really wet and old.
With witch spells, tinctures, scents and fire,
he searched for the ultimate elixir of desire.
The stock became fatter and thicker each night,
as he stoked his alambic till he thought it was right.

“Ex Aere Nascitur Aurum, Sed omnia incipit a terra”.

There won’t be gold, nor silver or jewels,
but the element of earth and sweet molecules,
dark cherries, vanilla, molasses and glue,
like it was told in the books of Pouchegu.
Sealed in a cask for thirty-six years,
now matured to perfection and ready for cheers.
350 potions in ancient flagons,
once open, it’ll wake demons, collectors and dragons.
Not Bourbon, not Demerara, but somethin’ in between,
the 56,6% are going to chase your dream.

To convince the old templers to share a flagon,
one must sacrifice 175 Coins, packed in a wagon.
Watch for the sign at 20:00 CET on 02.02.2023,
for receiving your elixir with guarantee!

Blog reviews

Ein Armagnac, der richtig Spaß macht und erneut beweist, welch glückliches Händchen (oder auch Näschen) die Stuttgarter Jungs bei ihrer Fassauswahl besitzen. (89/100)

Zucker & Zeste