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Hontambère • 1983 • 39yo • 54.2%

About this release

Dear GotA Family, for this year’s German Armagnac Festival on April 13th 2024 we have once again uncovered a special magic potion from the darkest cellars of Gascony: A HONTAMBÈRE 1983 from the famous Pouchégu stock, distilled by the brilliant Pierre Laporte, whose reputation extends far beyond his passing.
Anyone who knows and loves GotA Hontambère 1985 will adore this cask! It will be even darker, even oilier, even heavier!

The heavy bouquet plunges you into a cedar-paneled palace full of Cuban tobacco, black molasses and tropical Demerara glue. Complex incense hangs in the air. Baskets of juicy raisins and sour cherries are a tempting invitation to snack!
The palate is taken over by a heavy raisin sweetness, dark chocolate and mocha! Cherry and strawberry jam round off the heavy, fruity body!

We look forward to surprising you with this fine Rare Armagnac Collection by Hontambere Armagnac at the festival!


We pay special attention and care to transparency in our cask selection. Therefore, we share all the data we could gather from the producer:

Spirit categoryArmagnac
ProducerHontambère (Pouchégu Stock)
OriginArmagnac Ténarèze
Grape varietyUgni Blanc
ABV54,2 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
DistillateurPierre Laporte
Aged for39 years
Cellar climateDry
Cask number#G4
Bottled inMarch 2024
Number of bottles249

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