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Espérance • 2003 • 19yo • 48.4%

About this release

L’Armagnac ou la cuisse?

We are delighted to present you our next bottling, which will have its premiere on the German Armagnac Festival 2024. It’s a lively cask from Domaine d’Espérance, which is led by the venerable and universally respected Claire de Montesquiou, who is a direct descendant of d’Artagnan the famous musketeer! Say bonjour to Espérance 2003!

The bouquet is pretty much the antithesis of the super dark Hontambere 1983, with the brightest fruits almost jumping out at you: Apricots, mirabelle plums, quinces and yellow apples! Spring flowers bloom among all this and a sweetness of acacia honey pervades! A few lemon zests say hello! It is even remotely reminiscent of a young cognac!
On the palate, the bright fruit caresses the tongue with its freshness, the sweet honey provides softness and a fine acidity ensures a balanced, exciting flavour experience!

A bientôt à Stuttgart!


We pay special attention and care to transparency in our cask selection. Therefore, we share all the data we could gather from the producer:

Spirit categoryArmagnac
OriginBas Armagnac
Grape varietyBaco
ABV48,4 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
Aged for19 years
Cellar climateSemi humid
Cask number#60
Bottled inMarch 2024
Number of bottles257

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