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Home » Domaine de Séailles • 2004 • 18 yo • 53,9%

Domaine de Séailles • 2004 • 18 yo • 53,9%

Solve the word riddle crafted by a villain in GotA City to uncover one of 228 hidden, organic Séailles Armagnac bottles with tantalizing flavors

About this release

Attention, citizens of shadowy GotA City!
A dark and enigmatic villain has crept into town and wreaked havoc! He has robbed our gold depository and stolen our most exciting 18 year old Séailles Armagnac distilled from Ugni Blanc Grapes in 2004!

In the depths of GotA City, only 228 of these exquisite bottles (0.7l) have been carefully hidden away, each boasting a formidable 53.9% ABV and will be brought to light by our dealers on 18.05.2023 20:00 CET for

P.S. It’s our first ORGANIC Armagnac.
Dress warmly and fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be rustic as hell!

Tasting notes

Unravel the word riddle weaved by this twisted mastermind to unlock a vault bursting with tantalizing flavours and aromas:

  • The mystique of black tea
  • The allure of demerara molasses
  • The captivating essence of bergamot
  • The zest of sun-kissed oranges
  • The tempting sweetness of wine gum
  • The rich decadence of caramel


We pay special attention and care to transparency in our cask selection. Therefore, we share all the data we could gather from the producer:

Spirit categoryArmagnac
OriginArmagnac Ténarèze
Grape varietyUgni Blanc
ABV53,9 %
Still typeAlambic Armagnacais
DistillateurJean Labérenne
Aged for18 years
Cellar climateDry
Cask number#54
Bottled inApril 2023
Number of bottles228

Blog reviews

Auch diese Abfüllung ist wieder ein großer Wurf von den Stuttgartern und trifft genau meinen Geschmack. (89/100)

Zucker & Zeste