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Domaine de Séailles • 1988 • 32 yo • 50%

About this release

Party Animals watch out! Our next Armagnac brings you back to the wild and crazy dance floors of the 80’s!
As we love it from Domaine Seailles, this cask from 1988 is absolutely unpredictable and rustic, brimming with depth and maturity! So better fasten your seatbelts before you’re blown away by its exotic richness!

Can we invite you for a dance?
The 80’s Party starts on 29.07.2022 in @armagnac.de. The club capacity is strictly limited to 205 clubbers.
130€ for 0,7l. 50% ABV. Two tickets per dancer and you’re in for the heat.

Tasting notes

On the nose some heavy monymusk-y Jamaican funk à la mango, coconut, nail polish and pineapple dances tight with dark and earthy notes of leather and tobacco. One can almost feel a mysterious scent of elegant violets and a light touch of smoke in the air, promising passion and lust!

Like a maniac, the initial start provides neat sweetness, dark chocolate, tons of fine wood and delicate hazelnut cream. Add a dash of lime oil, sweet agave and some grapefruit juice and the heat is on!
After hours of hustle and bustle, the wild summer night ends in a chocolaty finish full of refreshing mint and crushed cocoa and coffee beans.

Blog reviews

The mix of estery rum on the nose and cognac-like woody aromatics on the palate make this a rather unique spirit. Really, really good armagnac. (90/100)


Eine Mischung aus tropisch gereiftem EMB Monymusk, T.D.L. 2001 und einem Hauch Old School Skeldon zum Ende hin. Ein ganz starkes Brett! (92/100)

Barrel Aged Thoughts

This is a Tour de Force, a big boy, not your average Armagnac, also different from the previous Séailles release. Bold, bitter, balsamic and spice-laden start. (86/100)