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Cutxan • 2006 • 15 yo • 50,5%

About this release

Ready for the next Grape of the Art adventure?

Then join us on our expedition into the deepest, most hidden flavour jungle of Armagnac! Through a secret tip from the explorers of L’Encantada we stumbled upon this 2006 barrel from Cutxan’s lost style, which is said to be found at 50.5° latitude.

Tasting notes

What treasures can you discover there?

As soon as you set foot on this Terra Incognita, you are greeted by mysterious scents of wild berries and tropical fruits. Gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, flowers, papaya and vibrant cloves in abundance, accompanied by the smouldering smell of the finest sandalwoods and cocoa beans.

The first sip sparkles with astonishing maturity and balance, delivering a rancio feel which is usually only found in ancient casks. The feverish sweetness of the wild berries mixes with the tropical fruits and leads to an endless, bittersweet finish.

Blog reviews

… pour un palais déjà averti, ces deux bouteilles sont un bonheur de profondeur.

Les Amis des Amis du Rhum

Wieder einmal eine spannende Abfüllung von den Stuttgartern! (85/100)

Zucker & Zeste

A fairly dark and slightly unpolished armagnac, with some floral notes and sweetness to round off the edges. A fine dram. (85/100)


Made from Ugni Blanc grapes grown in Bas Armagnac, this is a worthy follow-up to its predecessors. The boys had a good hand in picking winners. (89/100)